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Born in Israel, December 1954. 
Studied painting and sculpture in "Oranim" College of Art and in "Tel-Hai" College. 

1976-1982 Creates in documentary photography. 
1982 - Participating in the photograph competition and is awarded first prize. 
1985 - Participating in paintings exhibitions at Haifa Museum. 
1987 - Traveling in Europe to familiarize himself with the origins of the western culture meeting the origins of the art creations. 

After returning to Israel, focusing mainly on small scale sculpture studying art in Haifa University. 

1992 - Looking for new challenges, taking courses in Craft of silversmith, and goldsmith, finding a new language full of new challenges confronting art and craftsmanship. 
1993 - Starting to exhibit at the Rudi Ritter Jewelry Gallery in Switzerland: 
Dec. 93'- "Face the Future" Accepted as the Gallery craftsmen. 
Aug. 94' - "Fibula - Die fantasische Welt den Broschen". 
Dec. 94' - "Smuck Visionen 95". 
April 95' - "Fruehlingsenwachen" 
Aug. 95' - "The Ring" 
Sep. 94' - One man exhibition - Jewelry and small scale sculpting - in Jerusalem. 
1995 - The Ringmaker exhibition - in Glasgow - Scotland. 
May 95' - The Israeli Expo - New York. 
1996 - Participating in the International Judaica Design Competition and receives esteem prize. 

Since 1996 my focus is on designing Judica. 
My work is displayed for sale in several Museums in Israel and world wide. 
The Israel Museum in Jerusalem. 
The Tel-Aviv Museum. 
The Jewish Museum in Paris. 
The Jewish Museum in N.Y. New York. 
2000- I am a finalist in a competition initiated by the Spertus Museum Chicago. 
Subject: "A  Torah Mentel". 
This unique Item is exhibited from Sep.24.00 in Spertus Museum Chicago. 

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Shraga Landesman
Designer of Jewelry, Judaica and gifts
Sport St. 4  Zip. 34574  Haifa, Israel.
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